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Destroying a Layer0 Instance#

This section provides procedures for destroying (deleting) a Layer0 instance.

Part 1: Clean Up Your Layer0 Environments#

In order to destroy a Layer0 instance, you must first delete all environments in the instance. List all environments with:

l0 environment list

For each environment listed in the previous step, with the exception of the environment named api, issue the following command (replacing <environment_name> with the name of the environment to delete):

l0 environment delete --wait <environment_name>

Part 2: Destroy the Layer0 Instance#

Once all environments have been deleted, the Layer0 instance can be deleted using the l0-setup tool. Run the following command (replacing <instance_name> with the name of the Layer0 instance):

l0-setup destroy <instance_name>

The destroy command is idempotent; if it fails, it is safe to re-attempt multiple times.


If the operation continues to fail, it is likely there are resources that were created outside of Layer0 that have dependencies on the resources l0-setup is attempting to destroy. You will need to manually remove these dependencies in order to get the destroy command to complete successfully.